User Research

UX Audit

We Can Help Ensure Your Products’ Caters to Your Audience

  • Solve Issues

    A user experience (UX) audit ensures that a product is free from potential issues that may hinder a user’s experience.

  • User-Focused

    The recommendations address the importance of improvements, as they can eliminate current user pain points and focus on users’ goals and expectations.

  • UX Practices

    The UX audit includes recommendations that are either trendy in a competitive market or best practices to ensure positive improvements in UX.

Why it is Valuable

Data-Driven Recommendations

The recommendations are developed based on the research and analysis; it is free from assumptions.

Usable & Accessible

Ensure that your website is up-to-date with usability and accessibility standards.

UX Audit Deliverables

UX Audit

UX Audit Report

We will provide a full report of the UX audit from research, analyzing to recommendations, for your team to take back for future improvements.

Recommendations & Solutions

Recommendations and solutions are provided catered to solve identified UX issues.

UX Best Practices

We will provide industry-standard UX best practices, all to help improve your product’s user experience quality.

Prioritized Checklist

To help better identify how to approach fixing UX issues, we will provide a UX prioritized checklist.

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