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A Guide to UX Competitors’ Analysis for User Research

UX competitor analysis is a useful user research method that focuses on understanding your products’ competitors, essentially helping you better understand your market and goals.

Usability Testing Vs. User Testing – Why it is important?

We’ll break down the difference between user testing and usability testing – and explain why each one is important.

Idea Validation Checklist

Companies should focus on validating idea(s) in order to determine its success rate. In this article, we will discuss the process of idea validation prevent negative results, both from business and customer perspectives.

How a UX Audit can improve the Website’s user experience?

A user experience (UX) audit ensures that a website is free from potential issues that may hinder user’s experience.

In A/B Testing We Trust

In A/B Testing we trust, human behavior surprises the best of us.

My Target Audience is Everyone

When you work closely with startup founders or executives who are looking to take over the world with […]

A Guide for Creating Personas for Lean UX

Traditionally, companies created products based on the demographics and market segmentation with features and functionality catering to a larger […]

No User Research is like hitting a target without bulls-eye

People don’t understand that without user research it is like hitting a target without a bulls-eye. It affects the entire strategy of the product from its conception to delivery.

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