Top Articles of the Week #16 : User Experience (UX)

By: it-developer
14 January 2018
8 min read

Top UX Articles of the week. These are articles talk about 4 levels of interactions for Chatbots, why Accessible UX design is important, what VP of User Experience at Google learned and how to UX researchers deliver bad news to creators of products.

Your 2018 Chatbot Strategy Needs These 4 Levels of Interactions

Top UX Articles

WeChat has become a super chat where users can even buy a house. Although it has still not become a global app, WhatsApp, Messenger etc. are unlikely to become the Operating System for our daily needs such as shopping, ride-hailing, and bill payments. The most effective business apps of 2018 and beyond need these 4 levels of interactions. These are 1. Trigger, 2. Search, 3. Chat, and 4. Trigger Immersive Video.


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Accessible UX by design

Top UX Articles

With Google and Alexa becoming important our lives, computers are getting smarter and how they are capturing us in a very agile and organized way. Opportunities for organisations and designers born out of this technology are massive. They benefit from engaging with this powerful new data to create new digital services that add value and are truly compelling for their users.

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A Year of Learning and Leading UX at Google

Top UX Articles

Catherine Courage, VP of User Experience at Google shares her 5 insights that she learned about building and maintaining a healthy UX culture. She talks about engagement, speed, growing your peer network, being humble. She also talks about “Googleyness” that still wins out.

Your Baby is Ugly

Top UX Articles

The end result of UX research is often telling clients, stakeholders, designers, and other project team members about all the problems that have been found in their product. UX researchers must frequently deliver bad news to the creators of products and user interfaces. Even though this is what they asked User Experience researchers to do, listening to a long list of their baby’s faults can be demoralizing. This article talks about how to break the news to them.


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