Making insurance claim submission process seamless


Making insurance claim submission process seamless

The Challenge

Johnson Insurance (part of RSA Insurance Group) is one of Canada's oldest insurance company offering personal, home, car, and travel insurance.

Johnson Insurance wanted to improve the overall customer experience of their portal so their customers can effectively onboard and submit a claim seamlessly.

Since the portal will be used by wide variety of demographic, we wanted to ensure that different personas are incorporated as part of the usability testing of the portal.

Persona that we used for usability testing

Our Approach

In order to validate that the designs connected well with their user base, Idea Theorem™ conducted moderated usability testing sessions with the identified participants within the targeted personas specified by Johnson Insurance.

Participants were observed through a controlled setting as they perform a series of tasks. Participants were required to complete predefined tasks and also a survey at the end to evaluate their thoughts and experience with the prototype.

Participant’s Feedback in visual format

This screenshot depicts a scene from a remote moderated usability study on desktop using

The Outcome

Based on the user feedback, the recommendations were provided how the designs can be improved and resulted in an improved onboarding and claim submission process.

Along with getting feedback on the prototype, Idea Theorem™ also focused on identifying opportunities for new features which would be beneficial for their user base such as chatbot for customer support within the platform and bulk claim upload capability.

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